Sunday, January 23, 2011

Throwing it all away.

I'm not going to cry. There was no use crying over something that wasn't happening, and this breakup wasn't really happening. OK. Taking a deep breath. chocolate milk. I just needed some chocalate milk and some time alone to figure out what to do next. I'll close my eyes tightly against a sudden wave of tears. But a tear spilled over. Not now. Please go away! Wiped it away before they could see. I study, I eat, I sleep, I go for walks and most of all I stare up at the sky. Sometimes at night I see a star twinkle. Damn, it hurts like hell, but I treasure the pain. All I can say right now is that I don't hate it. If I say more, it will have no meaning. I guess untill such things became meaningless. Time will heal this wound. Leave. Me. Alone. Please don't talk to me. Oh dear Lord, please take away my pain. :(

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