Friday, March 4, 2011

I will never ask you again

Words can mean nothing , I still try to tell. We had this something and I know damn well. I need strength these day. But why ? What's wrong with me, please tell me that it's not only a dream the things I see. There were so many plans I make and now everything is just one great mistake, Why !? ok fine, I don't have any reason and answer for that question. I didn't used to know what to do with my feelings now. Sometimes it makes me free and sad together, it's just like storm and heavy weather. Your words bring me back into reality, you make me awake..Awake to see my own mistake bcause it was all in my head, the things I now have to forget. All the things we lost will teach us see the pretty things in life..isn't it ?
I know how you feel right now,
Losing dreams you've come to care about ?
it hurts you ?

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