Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't fade away, Don't fall asleep.

She cries not because she is weak.

Its time to look back on what u have done,
Only u'll know the answer to it.
Do consider it, Coz one day,
It may b too late for regrets,
It may b too late to say "I'm sorry". Think about it.

"Appreciate and love those around u so that u'll
never regret when it is too late.."
Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

I've had a headache, again. Actually my head has hurt since 2001..some days its more extreme, it hurts. I've been on so many medicines but it is still the same. I basically worried it might be something horrible like a brain tumor, Ya Allah.  MRI, Cat Scan, back x-rays, a neuro-ophalmology exam, a rheumatology exam huuuuuuuuu Im sooooooooo scared when I heard that 'stuff' , Hmm my mum asked me to get Medical Check Up at hospital, but Im refused. haih ! Actually, I've got a terrible headache last night, andddd I dont need you painkillersssssssssssssss ! go away nw. Imma STRONG girl ! Thank You Allah. ;) 

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