Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Emotions are like clouds.

The big puffy clouds move away and so do my feelings.  Feelings are emotions and come and go. looking at the sky at night makes me feel happy. The darkness, the silence and the peace that the sky reflects make me feel relaxed and glad to be alive. Like when I gaze at the sky things would be different, the world would be a better place and dreams could come true lot more easily. Like life would be less complicated and the stars would guide me showing im not alone. And besides the thought of people hundreds of miles away look at the sky and practically see the same things makes it seem like the sky is the same everywhere and it is capable to link us. It calms me down, it makes distances fade away..Looking at the stars is something that I never get bored with ! They're so pretty..It's so peaceful. I like watching them, and wondering what else is out there in dream land.. ;)

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